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How to calculate the price of a translation?
When calculating the price of a translation, we take into consideration a series of specifications. Besides the essential factors such as the size of the document and the translation language required, we also take into consideration the level of difficulty (the field), the format, the deadline or the tariffs for legalization and DTP commissions, if any. For a price estimate, please fill in the form here.
How much time is necessary for a translation?
Of course, the time allocated for a translation depends on the size and difficulty of the text. But we guarantee the translation in the shortest delay and at the highest quality.
Means of payment and delivery of a translation?
You don't need to come to our office. We can receive and deliver your documents by post or courier, email or fax. You can pay cash, by payment order or bank transfer or pay on delivery.
How to calculate the number of pages in a document?
Here is how we count the number of pages in a Word document submitted to us for translation: on the Word count module we find the number of words, characters with or without spaces. There are four standards of assessment: price per word, price per page of 300 words, price per page deepening on the number of characters with spaces and price per page depending on the number of characters without spaces. The standard page for which we offer a price based on your price estimate request is considered to have 300 words, 1800 characters without spaces or 2000 characters with spaces. For a price estimate, please fill in the form here.